As a Nikon user I was a bit irritated to discover that in order to shoot tethered to a PC I would need to purchase an additional piece of software from Nikon (Camera Control Pro II) which lists for $180 on the Nikon US website. This software does a lot of other great stuff, but I have no need for all the extras. I just want to shoot tethered to my PC and I would prefer not to shell out another chunk of change to do it. Especially considering my wish list is currently overloaded with a lot of other more exciting things.

So I did a little poking around and found a couple of great resources that have enabled me to tether my D90 to my XP Pro PC via USB cable and automatically import my pics directly into Adobe Lightoom.

The first step was to download and install this script from They also provide an excellent video that walks you through the process.

Assuming all goes well in step one you should be shooting directly into a local folder on your PC. If that’s all you want to do then you are good to go. You can use any software installed on your machine to review the pics in this folder as you are shooting them.

Step two is for Adobe Lightroom users. If you use Lightroom you can configure it so that it automatically imports images from your tethered shooting folder into your active catalog library. Switch your library view to Loupe View and you will have the pleasure of viewing a full size version of your photos automatically as you shoot them. If you need help with the configuration read this article by Photoshop guru Scott Kelby.

That’s it. Good luck!

*** Update for Mac OSX ***
I have not tried this out but there is an app called Nikon Control for Mac OSX developed by Stefen Hafeneger. It looks like there are a lot of great features including automatic import into iPhoto and Aperture.